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What should you be considering when it comes to bathroom design trends?

From what I’ve been reading, some key themes seem to be surfacing…

Make your bathroom homely
You may not live in your bathroom, but you sure do spend a lot of time there. Try working with warm colors and introducing accessories that you wouldn’t typically expect to find in a bathroom but that add usefulness and charm. For example try a piece of furniture, like a lounge chair or an ottoman, I don’t know about you, but I can always use an extra seat.

Experiment with black
Black doesn’t have to be harsh; in fact it can give a room a true elegance and sophistication. Most of us are use to seeing it in combination with white, so I say, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Black and white combination bring a modern twist to a traditional home. It can also be used in more subtle form in frames and borders. I personally find that when used as a contrast it adds personality and modernism. Start slow and see how it can give a bathroom umpf.

Make it pop!
The rule of thumb here seems to be, make a statement, catch the eye and you’re doing something right. Almost everywhere you are seeing a design practice whereby a color or sharp feature is being used as a central attraction. Maybe it’s a cone-shaped basin or a waterfall fixture, draw the eye and don’t be afraid to take some small risks with high impact features.

Making decisions on how to give your bathroom a facelift isn’t always easy, check out some interesting ideas on how to give your bathroom a new look, without breaking the bank!


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